Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Missed Appointments

Found this poem (here)..a timely  reminder to me....


YOU show more concern for me than any doctor, I must say
Cos You want to see me so many times in just one day

Afterall – it’s You who looks after the health of the soul
Something that the most learned specialist in the world can only ever dream to control

I spiff up in my best for every job interview
So why procrastinate to purify myself for my meeting with You
Afterall – they are interviews into Jannah, true?

What about meeting the queen or a celebrity singing tween?
Definitley count me in!

I can go to a pro to sort out the stuff I don’t like about me :

* Personal Trainer
* Beautician
* Dietician
* Debt Councillor
* Even a Shrink

…At a nominal fee

Every cent worth it … really?


Why is it so difficult for me to pour out all my

~ sorrows,
~ pains,
~ dreams


~ hopes to You

Afterall – it is for free?


Should I happen to miss

* a train,
* plane,
* party,
* an appointment,
* movie date

How would I feel?
Definitely more than a smidge irate,

Miss a fixed appointment with You?
With a set time, date, place?
What a disgrace!

Forgive me for standing You up so many times!
Surely this must be the worst of crimes

Considering it’s me that needs You
even though sometimes I am so short sighted this I can’t even see

By now even my own blood would have given up on me


You just keep bestowing blessings on me!

Ya Ghafuru,

Please hold on to me!


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