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Salaat Times, Numbers of Rakats, and Some Suggestions

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Fajr: From dawn to just before sunrise.

Zuhr: Just after noon (when the sun has passed the median point in the sky).

Asr: Halfway between noon and sunset.

Maghrib: Just after sunset.

Isha: Dark night (approximately an hour and a half after sunset up to Fajr prayer).

The first two rakats of the Fajr and the Maghrib prayers are spoken aloud.

The fard (obligatory) are the required number of rakats.

Additional rakats are often said the sunnah are after the example of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) and are said individually that is, not in congregation.

The following is a chart of the order and number of rakats for each time of prayer:

* In the third rakat of the Witr prayer, the Fatiha is followed by recitation of a portion of the Qur’an and then the Qunut.


Minimize distractions.

Concentrate on the meaning of the prayers.

Pronounce so that you alone can hear yourself.

Hold a position until you are at rest in it.

Pause long enough to say Subhanallah (God is Pure).

Prescribed prayers should be made in Arabic; personal prayers may be made in one’s own language in any posture during Salaat, especially prostration.

If prayer is missed unavoidably, it may be said after its time has passed.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014



The more you humble yourself and go into sujood, the closer you are getting to Allah; and indeed, He elevates you.

The Prophet ﷺ said:

من تواضع لله رفعه

“Whoever humbles himself before Allah, Allah will elevate him.” (Muslim)

The Prophet ﷺ said:

إن أمتي يومئذ غر من السجود محجلون من الوضوء

“My ummah on that day will surely have bright faces because of sujood, and bright arms and feet because of ablution.” (Ahmad)

It has been narrated that when the son of Adam recites the verse of Sajdah (prostration) and then falls down in prostration, Satan goes into seclusion and weeps and says: “Woe unto me, the son of Adam was commanded to prostrate, and he prostrated and Paradise was entitled to him and I was commanded to prostrate, but I refused and am doomed to Hell.” (Muslim)


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